Working on Two novels at the same time

Well sort of…
One is a cold war coming of age story with paranormal themes.  It’s a confabulation of everything that made the year 1980 bizarre and kick ass.  It’s been incredibly fun writing about a time I like to recall.  It was also a very personal way of dealing with memories I have of my father.  Since there is an actual CIA connection, my imagination ran rampant.

The second story is a crime drama -a murder mystery to be more precise.  It’s about a young woman that returns from Japan and all the unusual things that happen, namely the revelation that there exists a secret society in South Florida and the world is even stranger than anyone can imagine.

What I like to do is write a draft and let time—sometimes months—go by until I forget about the story a little.  Then, with fresh eyes, I can read my work and the weak parts are more obvious to me.  It’s kind of like painting and looking in the mirror to check proportions. Working on multiple stories seems to be a good way to fill the time in between.

I’m waiting for my third novel, Diego in Two Places to be published some time this year.  So it appears I’m writing them faster than they can be published.  I’m sure, eventually, I’ll have a closet full of books.


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