My Art Book is Now on Amazon

amazon-fb-ad-kindleThe Dark Chocolate Art of C. D. Aleman is my personal story, philosophy of ‘dark chocolate,’ and artwork from the last seven years.  It’s available on Amazon in print as well as for Kindle.  I’ve tried to make it honest and perhaps beneficial to anyone that has ever felt inadequate or tormented by a mood disorder or felt as though they were not living up to their full potential.

In the concept of dark chocolate, I offer ways of perceiving the world that might bring us all closer together.  The art itself is a body of work that includes the experimental, loose and detailed, pop surrealism, conceptual realism and magical realism, conveying my love of Asia and all that is different and exotic.  It also features my kokeshi dolls.


…my dark chocolate art is grungy and sometimes not very colorful, sad and lovesick. It is the vision I wish to share—a knowing that underneath all human shortcomings there exists a mystical realm, and one life that we all share…




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