Diego update

12279119_10154621726273868_8693290668774998626_nI received a proof copy several weeks ago of Diego in Two Places. Thanks to the excellent editing suggestions by Jon Marcantoni and my wife, Jean’s, proofreading; the novel is almost ready to be released by Aignos Publishing. Although this is probably the final book of the series, for me, it is sort of a new beginning. My work has evolved from realism to magical realism and finally to more of a Kafkaesque style with a sprinkling of the supernatural.

Since the US easing of restrictions to Cuba, the island has been attracting more attention in the world of art and fashion. It is an exotic place fertile with possibilities. Being born in the US 12322834_10154668822853868_9219865281472747536_oand never being allowed to travel to Cuba has always caused my imagination to soar as much as anyone that has ever wanted to have a photo-shoot or any kind of media production there, or write books about this unusual place.

This latest installment of the peculiar Cuban family saga includes spirit guides and espionage, joy and loss, violence and justice, desire and love. Our protagonist, Diego, lives in two places at once, or rather he and his doppelganger, inhabit the cities of Havana and Miami, one unaware that he is slowly becoming the other. Meanwhile, the 887511_10154564260603868_1383940840075105740_ostar of this tale, Cleofas, clues us into the mysteries of the cosmos and the inner workings of the dark world of soulless men.

Although it takes a while for novels to get published, please know that there is a lot more on its way, including a murder mystery and a paranormal cold war coming of age story. As always, thank you so much for reading my books. Your support and encouragement mean everything.




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