Androgynous Art Opening

Last night, Bernadette Zizzo and Debbi Burke of Art Frenzie Gallery hosted an incredible art opening to unveil my new series, ‘Androgynous.’ The enormous turnout seemed almost a metaphysical extension of all the hard work put in by the gallery staff to literally rearrange their sacred space to perfectly compliment my paintings (I’m profoundly grateful and humbled).

The highlights of the evening included the glamorously dressed arriving in face paint and costume as well as the many who I had the pleasure of engaging in long meaningful conversations with. Genderfluid cosplay model, Rune, was also there posing for photographs next to the paintings she had inspired. Especially significantly for me, was observing Bernadette Zizzo, singing karaoke outside with what appeared to be limitless energy. Only last year, she had battled back from life threatening illness. At some point during her ordeal, she found the time to contact me after reading a magazine article featuring my artwork. Bernadette is someone that is loved by many. Her heart is as big as her belief in artists like me, who need extraordinary people in their lives.


One thought on “Androgynous Art Opening

  1. Congrats on your exhibition Carlos! This is such an interesting idea in a time that many people are still struggling to understand that not everything falls into categories.

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