The Butterfly Effect

I’ve decided to put my new butterfly friend that I met today on the cover. Here’s a brief excerpt from the story:

“While she was still in the convention center, she received a reply from him. He explained to her that there was an existential battle raging inside of her. He asked her if she would like to meet him that evening at a gathering for people that all struggled with the same feelings of not fitting in with the rest of the world. There were of course many elegant cocktail parties in Miami that night to commemorate the start of the art fair, but that both of them would obviously prefer none of that type of commotion. She agreed.

The following morning, Emily’s lifeless body was found in a park not far from her home. The pages of her sketchbook had been torn out and scattered around her. Dog-lions lamenting the stillness of the night.” C. Aleman, Death after Kyoto


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