There once was a king named Booboolan. He was an unusual king. He was both wise and completely aware of the limits of human understanding. But sometimes he felt as if he understood things so well that there was no longer any need for achievement or pleasure to make his life more interesting. This is not to say that he didn’t appreciate the overwhelming beauty of life, only that his spirit could soar higher when abandoning the earthly realm. He did this by treating his personality like a spoiled child. Which wasn’t too far from the truth. He was a king, after all.

When his personality would pout and search for problems to complain about, King Booboolan (the king apart from his personality) would sneak away like a mischievous caregiver who had been given a holiday. His personality would become bored and dissatisfied with a kingdom filled with riches and would turn toward the construction of emotional dramas. As the dramas transpired, the King would smirk with amusement at the folly of the personality, no longer at its mercy.

King Booboolan wished that all could know his happiness. He wanted to teach others how to shed the miserable personality, but no one in the kingdom had enough wisdom to see as the king could see. So the king decided to write his secret in a letter for a future king. This is what he wrote:

I am King Booboolan, a man of great power and wealth. There are others with wealth, but they are poor. There are others who are like kings, but they have no power or authority. All these things are hidden deep within them. I can see it. But they can’t.

I, King Booboolan, am someone completely different from what I appear to be. My name has nothing to do with me, or the image I see when I look in the mirror. I’d rather completely forget my name, my face, and all the things about me that are not me. If you ever want to be as happy and rich in peace as I am, you must do what only rare individuals do. Admit that you are slightly bonkers.

I’m not talking about who you really are, of course. I’m talking about your personality, your slightly bonkers mind and self-absorbed parade of thoughts, most of which you take way too seriously. The real you would never do these things. You would never tear the world into little pieces. You would never give the little pieces names like ugly, stupid, inferior. But the slightly bonkers personality would.

Your personality is misery and poverty. There is no love in your personality. So let’s forget all about this slightly bonkers personality for a little while. Let’s talk about you.

You are not broken into little pieces. Your world is not broken up and labeled. Your world is infinite. And so is love.

Are you one of the rare individuals who will admit to being slightly bonkers? Or will you be offended like most? Remember, I’m not talking about who you really are, only the little thought bubbles that appear in your head one after another like storm clouds in the sky. Your slightly bonkers mind and slightly bonkers personality, and all your opinions and cleverness—All these things cause you suffering.

Here is what you can do to become King or Queen and find happiness, power, satisfaction and claim what already belongs to you. Don’t even try to understand why your slightly bonkers mind is pretending to be you. Just laugh at it. Don’t take it seriously.

Instead, notice the world around you. Notice the beauty and silence inside of you. If you can, notice your beating heart. Notice life within you and life in others. Notice life filling the world. Notice that underneath everyone’s slightly bonkers mind, there is a beautiful life made of the same stuff that your life is made of. Perhaps if you can see that life isn’t really torn into little pieces, you might even come to see someone else’s life as your very own. But all of this is only a vague glimpse I am providing you. It is a taste of the happiness that is possible apart from the mind.

Your slightly bonkers personality wants only wants one thing—relief from boredom in the form of fantastic drama, problems and misery. It will entertain world views about people influencing others, draining you of life and love, sanity and peace. It will condemn and shout, ‘liar’ and ‘heretic,’ ‘traitor’ and ‘fool.’ And why does it do this? It is afraid.

Fear has served us all well. It keeps us safe from harm. But it has also made us slightly bonkers. That is why the mind tears the world into pieces. It hopes to conquer, label, and understand all things for the sake of self-preservation. But this is only the mind. Nothing is actually divided or in pieces. Nothing is ugly, stupid or inferior. Nothing separates life and love, the human heart and the infinite mystery that leads and guides us.

Be cautious, but not paranoid.
Be good, but not self-righteous.
Be confident, but not arrogant.
Be loving, but guard your heart.
Be the ruler of your kingdom, but be the least of all.

All this is possible with contentment. Once you no longer crave the things you were never meant to have, you will no longer be at the mercy of the slightly bonkers mind. Achieve all you can and find out how brilliant and talented you are, but be wise enough to know what things are in harmony with the realization that your life is already perfect. The external world may seem like a storm, but who you really are is peace, love and life itself. These things may not be clear to you yet, but have faith—your life is beautiful.


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