‘Adrift’ © 2018 Carlos Aleman

My wife thought of the title again, ‘Adrift,’ which I promptly used as the hashtag. I worked from a reference photo taken by my Instagram buddy, Jayden Tan in a test photoshoot. Thanks JT! Here’s the story behind it:

“Chap Goh Mei” (aka the 15th night of Chinese New Year) is regarded as the Chinese equivalent to Valentine’s Day. And in the olden times, it was the only day that single young ladies were allowed to venture out of their homes. It was an opportunity to parade their beauty in front of potential suitors. It was also the practice for them to throw oranges into the sea in the hopes of securing a good husband.



‘Freedom’ © 2018 Carlos Aleman

Special thanks to Lenne Chai for the reference photo I used. Also a big thanks to models, Mei and Bora.

Lenne’s photograph was inspired partly by a news article about a Chinese girl adopted by an American family and by the note her birth parents had left “…If the heavens have feelings, if we are brought together by fate, then let us meet again…”

Thao Nguyen

Special thanks to Thao Nguyen. My recent paintings have been inspired by her unique and original costume design. Thao is the first person in Vietnam to bring fashion into cosplay, which happens to also follow trends like the fashion world. She models her creations as well as run her own costume, textile and accessory business. Her ethereal work is just what I’ve been looking for as a subject to express Spirit, Eros and mystery.